A Innovative Medical Device: A Web Design Project


Sudoscan Medical Device Web Design

The redesign of by Daniel Wood Design Studio (DWD) is a perfect example of how a website can be transformed to provide a better user experience and increase conversions. Sudoscan is a medical device company that provides non-invasive diagnostic testing for peripheral neuropathy. Their website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and lacked a clear call to action. That's where DWD stepped in to revamp the site and give it a modern and professional look.

The first step in the redesign process was to analyze the existing site and identify areas for improvement. The DWD team conducted a thorough analysis of the site's content, structure, and user flow. They identified the pages that were most important to Sudoscan's business goals and focused on improving those first. The team also looked at the site's analytics to see how users were interacting with the site and where they were dropping off.

Once the analysis was complete, the DWD team started working on the design. They focused on creating a clean and modern layout that was easy to navigate. The site was built on the Shopify platform, which allowed for easy customization and integration with Sudoscan's existing systems. The new design features large, high-quality images of the Sudoscan device, making it easy for users to understand what the product is and how it works.

The site's navigation was also improved, with clear and concise menu items that make it easy for users to find what they're looking for. The DWD team also added prominent calls to action throughout the site, encouraging users to request a demo or contact the Sudoscan team for more information.

One of the biggest challenges of the redesign was migrating the existing content from the old site to the new one. The DWD team worked closely with Sudoscan to ensure that all of the important content was preserved and migrated correctly. They also optimized the content for SEO, ensuring that the new site would rank well in search engine results.

The result of the redesign is a stunning website that effectively communicates Sudoscan's value proposition and encourages users to take action. The site is now easy to navigate, has clear calls to action, and is optimized for search engines. The new design has also helped increase conversions, with more users requesting demos and contacting the Sudoscan team for more information.

In conclusion, the redesign of by Daniel Wood Design Studio is a great example of how a website can be transformed to provide a better user experience and increase conversions. The DWD team's attention to detail and focus on the user experience has resulted in a beautiful and effective website that meets Sudoscan's business goals.

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