How to sell or buy a store with Exchange by Shopify

How to sell or buy a store with Exchange by Shopify

It is no secret that Shopify is one of the most important platforms when it comes to ecommerce. The company managed to landsome big partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Pinterest, among many others. However, this success has stopped Shopify, and the platform continues to add new features for its users. One of the latest tools created by Shopify is called Shopify is Exchange. With its help, merchants can buy and sell online stores directly on the Shopify platform.

This new app is exactly what was needed in a period where online stores are beginning to gain more popularity than their brick and mortar counterparts. Consumers largely prefers online shopping because it is faster, more convenient and it is easier to compare prices.

Entrepreneurs also have a lot of advantages with online businesses. They do not need a physical space for their clients which means that they can reduce the costs a lot. If you are one of them, today we will teach you how can you use Exchange by Shopify to buy or sell a store.

How to sell your store on Exchange by Shopify

Exchange by Shopify is an app that is free and available for everyone, and you can find it on app store if you search for “Exchange – Sell your Shopify store.” This means that you can download it and sell your store right away.

In order to sell an online store, you will be asked to provide a few important details. First of all, you will have to mention what the name of your shop is and what you sell. You should provide a short description of your products. Then, you should put some screenshots of the actual store and name the selling price.

The buyers will also be able to see your traffic and revenue data, as those are provided by Shopify. The fact that the information comes right from the source means that everything is transparent, and no one can lie about their essential data.

In order to be able to sell your store you must meet a few conditions. First of all, your store must be on the Shopify Plus plan and it must be eligible for Shopify Payments. If you already use Shopify Payments you should have an account that is in good standing. You should also have some active capital financing.

Why should you buy a store?

Buying a store comes with various advantages for you. First of all, you no longer have to start from scratch. You will already have a number of customers, as well as a brand and a design for your store. If there are any things that do not match your taste, you can always modify them, but it is easier to change things rather than do them yourself.

Additionally, there are many industries available which means that you should be able to find a store that has what you want. These include art and photography, pets, food and drink, services, health and beauty and many others.

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